Sunday, October 30, 2011
Join me to help these wonderful human beings. They need us now. They are victims of the fire, they have lost everything! They were fighting to save others and at the same time they were losing all they had. Please donate!


I will be at the fundraiser giving my book away FREE and signed with any donation over $20 to the FIREFIGHTERS FUND. THE BULLY CAT will be included if published by then. BREAKAWAY: How I Survived Abuse  #1 best selling author and in the top 100-will be signed and given to all who donate.  While supplies last.  I will be there NOVEMBER 19, 2011 FROM 1-6 pm. Please come by and say hello and donate for a great cause. Thank you!


NO MATTER WHAT! We need to be there for the FIREFIGHTERS. They risk their lives everyday for all of us. It is our turn to be there for them. Please be sure to join me and all of us to show our love and support to these wonderful men and women. Thank you!

Fundraiser for Bastrop 'VOLUNTEER' Firefighters (VICTIMS)

Saturday, November 19 at 8:00am
 - November 27 at 9:00pm

620 S Interstate 35 Georgetown, TX 78628 Nov. 19 & 27

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Ken King here asking for your time and/or help. I will be helping do a Celebrity Fundraiser for 14 firefighters (men & women) in Bastrop that lost their homes while fighting to protect the lives and homes of others in their Community of Bastrop.
These are our HEROES that do this for 'NO' pay, and at the time could hear on the scanner reports of their own homes on fire, but remained steadfast to defend others. PLEASE let's give back!
We need anyone from Independent Celebs to the Big Stars to attend, including yourself.
With the help of people like you and Celebrities from our Area we hope to help 14 firefighters rebuild their lives. Also, the ultimate goal would be to raise enough money to modify the Volunteer Fire Department from which they serve. If we can do this, it will give them better tools to contain fires in less time with less damage to property and a greater chance of saving lives of persons and animals. This last fire claimed many animals lives. Deer and livestock were actually running while on fire, but the Volunteers Fire Departments in that area were overwhelmed and under equipped to save all living creatures. Please help.
Please help me with your ability to contact Celebrities to attend, or at least donate to the benefit.
Please get the word out to your celeb friends to attend. You may call the Director of the Event with any questions you may have @ 512-229-5725, her name is Sheryl and a very sweet, organized woman, also a Bastrop Fire Victim.
DONATIONS can be made at anytime to:Volunteer Mobile Emergency Response Unit
1712 E. Riverside Dr.#267
Austin, Texas 78741
You will not be forgotten and we are mentioning all Guests and Major Contributors during the Fundraiser and in the Austin American- Statesman.

Thank You,
Ken King

Friday, October 28, 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011


MY NEW CHILDREN'S BOOK THE BULLY CAT will be published by end of November.  I will be setting up book signings.  Get your copy for gifts at Christmas and any occasion.  It is a learning book for  children to understand bullies and to teach them to speak up if they are getting bullied.  Great tool for parents to find out if kids are having problems at school with bullying.  
I was bullied in school from Kindergarten up to the 7th grade. Mainly, because I could not speak English and later because I had hair down to my waist, full lips (which I hated then) and I was super thin. I know how it feels to be bullied and to be the bully. After the 7th grade throughout the 10th grade, I became the bully. I regret that with all my heart. I have been on both sides. I became a bully mainly from all the abuse I had suffered for many years. If anyone sees this from my early years, and I bullied you . . . I am sorry. Forgive me.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011
tonight at 9 pm Belinda Blalock, author